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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Unrivalled Fashion Styles - Rachel McAdams

This post is a tribute to Rachel McAdams who gives yet another commendable performance in the latest The Vow alongside Channing Tatum. She looks absolutely stunning in the movie, charming us ever more with her sunshine smile. =)

Never fail to look good in everything she wears, Rachel is simply perfect! I personally think her styles is a must to copy!

Rachel's make up is always sharp, bright and colorful. She emphasises her eyes and lips a lot to brighten up her face.

Flowy dresses, plain but gorgeous.

Loving Rachel's bangs and blonde hair in The Vow!

Violet pumps anyone? Looks perfect with her dark blue overall.

White short sleeve, knee-length skirt, great for a sunny day!

Rachel doesn't like accessoring much, keeping it simple and glam with her make up, hair and dress which speak for her styles

One of Rachel's more casual look, grey dress with black leggings and heels

OOh don't you just love her army green dress with sexy black string heels? So easy to copy this look

Elongating her legs with sexy black jumpsuit

Love this fitting long-sleeve mermaid silver dress

Pairing knee-high skirt with jacket

Again, but in white jacket with multi-shade blue dress and matching heels this time

Love this bubble white skirt to bits!

Love this dress which gives a classy and edgy look with the delicately-cut lace

Blue shirt and skinny jeans - effortless

Blazer and shirt with pin up hair and sunglasses - celebrity must-have look

Love her wedges, looks super comfy and stylish

Gold long pants and tube top. Rachel carries it so well!

Looking every inch a star in this dress

Omg! Where can I get the heels!!

One of Rachel's most daring look on the red carpet, transparent lacy red dress.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Coolest Sunnies

What is the coolest pair of sunglasses a girl could ever have? It's gotta be Louis Vuitton! I've searched high and low for a nice pair that fits PERFECTLY and no other sunnies out there feel as right as LV...regardless what face shape and features, you could have edginess too, INSTANTLY!

Angelina Jolie, true advocate of LV

My personal preference, aviator sunnies, just cos it's young and hip!