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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

100th gossips

Blake Lively in see-through Marchesa dress or

Leighton Meester in cute Balmain dress
Any votes?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Boyfriend shirt

Wanna look cool on a lazy day? Throw on a boyfriend shirt and look effortless hot!

Ashley Olsen's white boyfriend shirt. A white boyfriend shirt is so easy to pair with, blue jeans, red jeans or black jeans. Roll it up below your elbow and button it just below your chest to reveal your tube/bra for extra layering.

Blake Lively in stripe light blue boyfriend shirt, straight-cut white mini skirt and long accessories necklace. How else to look hotter in a boyfriend shirt than Blake Lively?!

Selena Gomez in boyfriend shirt as cover up to her loose tee. Kewl~!

Rihanna's clean boyfriend shirt look, paired with short denim

Natalie Portman white boyfriend shirt, black tights and a pair of brown boots

Different Beach Look

Funky stripe color dress, sunnies or bikinis

Miranda Kerr's loose dress (butt length), sunnies and a dog

Simple bikinis for those who are confident about their bodies

Jessica Alba's white tank top and a string underwear

Jessica Alba's white strap on dress

Miranda Kerr's maxi dresses and strap sandals

Miranda Kerr's lazy beach look, in white spagetti top and long loose pants

Paris Hilton's bikini beach look

Jessica Alba's bikini on top and maxi bottom

Jessica Alba's flowy loose Roberto Cavalli dress

80's style checklist

strong cat eye make up

side ponytail


shoulder pads


blue eyeshadow/mascara
liquid leggings

What about you? What is your favourite 80's style?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Doll look - Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried, the uber hot In Time lead-actress, has been rocking the screen lately. I can't help but dedicate this post on her fashion styles. Her taste in clothings can be described as casual and comfortable, never for the sake of keeping with the latest trends but what fits and looks good as well as comfortable. Of couse, if you can't feel good, you can't look good either.

Her make-up, in sync with her dressing, is casual, light, and just right for her already sharp features.

Loose short pretty red dress with bow belt, with a fitting blazer and gorgeous heels

I love this dress, combining sexy in lace and elegance. Amanda Seyfried carries it well.

In perfect ballerina bun and blazer (once again)

Amanda Seyfried looking cute and youthful in strong blue long sleeve short dress and a pair of ugg

Short pencil skirt and a simple white tank top, you could look effortless like Amanda

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Best Halloween Looks 2011

Kim Kardashian Poison Ivy Look

Kudos has to go to Heidi Klum for the most original halloween costume idea year after year

My favourite Halloween looks of all, Miranda Kerrr in sexy ringmaster costume!

Have you got your favourite jumpsuits?

Kim Kardashian pairing her black jumpsuits with gladiator heels
Tyra Banks in tight fitting tube jumpsuit, my favourite

The one-piece garment works incredibly well to transform your look into edgy. You don't need lots of accessories to pull off the look, just maybe a sexy heels and let your overall speaks for itself!