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Friday, December 30, 2011

Love, Forever

Before I close off for this year, I would like to wish all my dear readers a beautiful New Year ahead! Thank you all for support, I'm just so thrilled when the number of people searching "your beauty sanctuary blog" is climbing everyday!

I'll leave you with one picture below. Reason! I would love to look every inch like the glowing Miranda below!
Red lips is in this season! Grab yours for NYE party!


She may not have the best fashion styles on red carpet but still looks the part. She is never elaborated, always simple. That's our very own Kristen Stewart, who always leave us wondering how she does it so effortlessly good every single time when it would have taken us forever to look half as good!

It's pointless to emulate her casual styles as she almost never dress up at all! Hoodies, loose shirts, jeans and sneakers or boots, she swears by comfort and defies all fashion nonsense (to her).

Some of her best dressed moments:

We can't copy her casual styles, at least those above can do!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Side Swept Hair

When you have no idea what to do with your hair, just takes sides. It looks sexy, natural and effortless. What I do is sweep my hair over to the other side of my normal parting for added volume. If you like it extra edgy, curl your lower end of hair, starting from under your chin like Kate Tsui above.

One of Kim's favourite hairstyles, side swept. Of course, it's so easy to do!

And Blake Lively's as well. Don't even bother to put mousse or whatever.

To make it extra feminine, Blake pinned it up at the side.

Jessica Alba's side swept style, steal it steal it!

Who says side swept is only for street styles? You could even go with it to the red carpet! Especially hot with a one shoulder! Yay or nay!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fresh and Natural

Mandy Moore has one of the freshest faces in the industry who keeps young all these years. Her dressing is chic, young, sweet and somewhat cute :P

Mandy Moore is experimental with colours and she carries it with vibrancy with her fresh and natural make up. I love the neck accessories that spice up her dress even more.

Mandy's one of most breathtaking looks in red carpet. The nude dress complements her like no other and she just looks like a real life mermaid

Closer look! Look at her diamond studded earring! *gasp* 

Mandy's princess look in ballerina bun and pearl necklace. Too cute!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Victoria Secret Angels

Victoria Secret Bombshells! Most outstanding vote goes out to Adriana Lima, anytime! Hair, skin and make up. Always flawless!
Sweetest of the lot? Adriana? Miranda?
I still can't decide between them 2!

Anyway, here's a look  I would love to replicate. Adriana's summer maxi dress with strappy sandals and hair pulled back in neat bun!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hottest shoes this spring/summer 2011

This part of the world I'm in, the hottest shoes this season seem to be flatform! Comfort and style, you go girl!
Flatform seems to be the new wedges!
One of the most trendy celebrities, Jessica Alba can be spotted wearing anything latest in fashion. Only thing is that I thought wearing flatforms with long pants was a bit boring. I would go for shorts anytime, especially it prada!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

My current obsession

Burberry Prorsum leather jacket and studded skirt. Right: I love that Kate Bosworth's studded skirt added an entirely different dimension to her look. The jacket goes well with pants and boots too!

Burberry Prorsum Landscape Haymarket Luggage Bag

Burberry trench coat!! They're the best!

Copy Kate

Princess Kate's casual look. I love that her green shrug becomes an instant accessories to her plain wear.
When it comes to Kate Middleton's fashion styles, it all comes down to a few basic things:
1) Fitting IS key. You have absolutely no reason to hide your body especially if you've got a great one.
2) Colour co-ordination. Never wear something so color complex that it makes you look like a christmas tree. Get the idea?
3) Simple, simply elegant.
4) Accessories, adding characters while complementing your dressing.
5) Last but not least, wear your smile! No beautiful woman is without a smile!

Dress with jacket, one of Kate's most seen fashion combination.

Skinny cut jeans and ballerina pumps. Always work.

Kate's casual but formal look. Skinny cut pants and jacket with tuck-in shirt and not forgetting a classy belt. Goes well with wedges too.

Warm wear does not have to be boring. Just pair it with a pretty belt!

Brown suit with matching black leggings, gloves and shawl. Love the color combination.

One of Kate's favourite colors, red!

Formal and sophisticated! Loving the bag!

Red and black, classy!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thigh High Slit Dress

High slit dress a curse for the shorty? Believe it NOT! All you need is an extra feminine high heels to go with it!

Megan Fox in gorgeous pale pink high slit Giorgio Armani dress

Selena Gomez in satin Gorgio Armani thigh high split dress

One thing though, you gotta have good posture with thigh high slit dress and not end up looking like  JLo below:
Jennifer Lopez in her Versace high slit dress
 Here's an idea of how you could stand and look like a darling:

Miranda Kerr sweet thigh high slit dress, next to her $2 odd million diamond bra.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

100th gossips

Blake Lively in see-through Marchesa dress or

Leighton Meester in cute Balmain dress
Any votes?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Boyfriend shirt

Wanna look cool on a lazy day? Throw on a boyfriend shirt and look effortless hot!

Ashley Olsen's white boyfriend shirt. A white boyfriend shirt is so easy to pair with, blue jeans, red jeans or black jeans. Roll it up below your elbow and button it just below your chest to reveal your tube/bra for extra layering.

Blake Lively in stripe light blue boyfriend shirt, straight-cut white mini skirt and long accessories necklace. How else to look hotter in a boyfriend shirt than Blake Lively?!

Selena Gomez in boyfriend shirt as cover up to her loose tee. Kewl~!

Rihanna's clean boyfriend shirt look, paired with short denim

Natalie Portman white boyfriend shirt, black tights and a pair of brown boots

Different Beach Look

Funky stripe color dress, sunnies or bikinis

Miranda Kerr's loose dress (butt length), sunnies and a dog

Simple bikinis for those who are confident about their bodies

Jessica Alba's white tank top and a string underwear

Jessica Alba's white strap on dress

Miranda Kerr's maxi dresses and strap sandals

Miranda Kerr's lazy beach look, in white spagetti top and long loose pants

Paris Hilton's bikini beach look

Jessica Alba's bikini on top and maxi bottom

Jessica Alba's flowy loose Roberto Cavalli dress